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Tatry Drilling

Welcome to Tatry Geo-Environmental Drilling!

sized logoTatry Environmental Drilling is a full service geotechnical/environmental drilling firm located in Northeastern Ontario. We service the Province of Ontario. We are a licensed well contractor in the Province of Ontario and have 2 licensed well technicians on staff. We have an Acker Soil Sentry track mount drill, a CME 55 Truck mount and a modified Beaver track mount unit. We can perform most of the typical environmental and geotechnical drilling requirements including well installation, SPT’s, split spoon sampling, etc. Read more about what we do here.

We are constantly upgrading and improving our equipment and training. We specialize in drilling at locations with limited access – our experienced drill crews are well trained, safe and have the “can do” attitude. Read more about us here. See pictures and videos of our company in action here: Gallery.

Contact us with your questions or for a quote for your upcoming project here. Contact Us